Carnival Center for the Performing Arts 1300 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL

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Welcome to the New Carnival Center For The Performing Arts in Downtown Miami


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Carnival Center For The Performing Arts

The Carnival Center For the Performing Arts was completed in 2006 and the GRAND OPENING was in October of 2006.

The Carnival Center is the second largest Performing Arts Center in the United States behind the Lincoln Center in New York City (NYC).

Another important factoid about the new Carnival Center is comprised of the old tower from the Sears and Roebuck store that was on this location and built in 1929. So when you look at the tower, you are seeing the original structure built in to the new Performing Arts Center.

Other venues built in to the Performing Arts Center are the Ziff Ballet Opera House and the Knight Concert Hall.

The ballet House seats 2,400 people, while the Concert Hall seats 2,000. The orchestra section of the Opera house can be transformed in to a grand ballroom to hold up to 850 people.

Parking at the Carnival Center seems to be under control right now. There are five private parking lots and a garage surrounding the Carnival Center. With the Center in downtown Miami, there were a lot of issues with it being too close to the American Airlines Arena which is one half a mile from the Carnival Center.

The Arena holds up to 20,000 people and can lead to potential issues for parking, not to mention traffic if there are events at many venues on the same night.

The Miami Parking Authority handles 4 of the 5 parking lots around the Performing Arts Center. Self parking costs $15 per car and $20 for the valet, not including the tip. This can be steep when the pricing for tickets alone gets expensive. The cost of the Center was $518 million dollars and they have a lot of money to recoup.